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Sports!! What a dumb thing to argue about!

Today while in the gym there were two teams that were both equally good. The ball went back and forth between the two teams. I watched on the stage with the other students as most of the time they called fouls, called for the ball, and called ups and downs while one of the students on the stage told them wrong. Altogether it was a pretty normal game until it came to a free throw shot that took three players from each team to miss until one of them finally made it! By that time, I had already left thinking that no one could ever call me out when the best of the both teams couldn’t make a free throw shot. (Honestly, it wasn’t that hard!) The game had ended with me questioning each one of the boys that played how hard it was to make a free throw shot. Suddenly there was one girl who came calling them all out, and I mean she was a savage! She told each and every one of them to stop bragging about their SMALL win. Just when she stormed out Ms.Wilde had called off all the basketball games in the gym. So the question is… YOU MAD BRO?!!!?emoji3


Wrongly Accused

I feel that I have been wrongly accused and the reason why is because there was a 7th grader involved and a snitch who spoke too much…dms_m well as you can see the M is for a small certain person(seriously he’s like smaller than all the 7th graders!) P.S His name is Marquel! SSSSSSHHHHHH! NO ONE has to know that he has small feet! By no one I mean EVERYONE!

My 2016 Winter Break

I really have to say that 2016 quite a blow! But I can definitely say that I’m looking forward to 2017 for a better outcome to most of the world’s problems. So this new year may be the one that stands out to me. I also have to say that my winter break was kinda un-eventfull. All I did was pack up my stuff for the end of this month because I’m moving to Cudahy which is basically just down the street from where we live now. So there’s another thing I can look forward to for this new year.  This is what I looked like when Ithe-10-biggest-risks-the-world-faces-in-2017 saw the new house…

The Coffee House Conversation

For the Coffee House Conversation I had picked Muhammad Ali as my character to speak as. I thought it was going to be great because I had really admired the way he was opposed the Vietnam War because of his religion. Here is all the events that led up to that and after you read it you might know why I agree with him.

Birth date: January 17, 1942
Death date: June 3, 2016
Birth place: Louisville, Kentucky
Birth name: Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.
Father: Cassius (Cash) Clay, a sign and mural painter
Mother: Odessa (Grady) Clay
– Wins National Golden Gloves championship as a light heavyweight and qualifies for the U.S. Olympic team.
1960 – Wins Olympic gold and National Golden Gloves championship, both for light heavyweight. Returns from the Olympics and turns pro.
February 25, 1964 – Defeats Sonny Liston, by KO in the seventh round, for the title of World Heavyweight Champion.
1964 – Converts and joins the Nation of Islam, changes his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali.
May 25, 1965 – Rematch with Liston, wins again by KO in the first round.
April 28, 1967 – As a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, Ali refuses induction into the U.S. Army. The World Boxing Association strips him of his world title. New York and other states revoke his license to box.
June 20, 1967 – Is convicted in federal court of violating Selective Service laws, sentenced to five years in prison, and fined $10,000.
October 26, 1970 – Ali’s first professional fight in more than three years, defeats Jerry Quarry, by KO in the third round.
March 8, 1971 – Known as the “Fight of the Century,” Ali and Joe Frazier split a $5 million purse at Madison Square Garden for Frazier’s title. After 15 rounds, it’s Ali’s first professional loss.
June 28, 1971 – The U.S. Supreme Court reverses Ali’s Selective Service violation conviction in a unanimous ruling.
July 26, 1971 – Defeats Jimmy Ellis, by KO in the 12th round, for the NABF (North American Boxing Federation) heavyweight title.
September 20, 1972 – Defeats Floyd Patterson, by KO in the seventh round, retaining the NABF title.

80s Day

For 80s day I think I’m gonna be who I look like the most( and so far there are only a few people if Mr. Skonecki would let me!) There was at first: LITTLE BILLhqdefault

Then there was a second idea: Steve URCLEimages

Then there was my third idea: A TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLEtmnt

My essay for Reagan

This is how I started my essay for Reagan high school yesterday: What I think my school needs is more qualified teachers to their job. I would need the right amount of time in order to be prepared for my classes. My best idea of a better school is the right atmosphere of kids for me to be with. After the essay was over I was so nervous about starting high school and I finally knew what Mr. Skonecki was talking about…

But when I get there I know i’m gon be a ladies man!!! Got em!like_a_bossdownload-1

This year’s Folk Fair trip.

The folk fair trip this year might be better to me because there won’t be any of the 7th graders on this trip and it’ll be a great opportunity to be with a different group. The passports will be easy judging by well…folk-fair-digital-advertisement_1917188_2

This time I also brought money Ka-ching! Thank ya benjamin!!


What was left from the funeral, The Gold and Black Cap

Today I sit here thinking of what it means to be a Humphrey and how long that name has been around, so then I think back to a few days ago at my great grandfather´s funeral. That funeral was all weird, confusing, amazing, and sad for me. For an old man he was a pretty nice guy, not just for family but because he saw everyone as an friend. as the seats clear, I notice my grand-aunt waving me to come over to her and what was in her hands was the most fresh and fly cap I had ever seen!(overreacting a little bit)What was on it was even better: Street                                                                                                                                                                   BULLIES                                                                                                                                                                   Bullies

And I was all like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT!!!!!!!!!

Image result for say what expressions

You see the color and the letters were boss, but the team is… HAHAHA!!!

(that is how bad it is.)

Image result for street bullies chicago bulls hat

this is not the exact color that it was but its the same hat.

imagine it having gold letters and black every where else, without the bull…AND A BETTER TEAM!! (literally, the bulls aren´t THAT good.)

So anyway when I see this hat, i´m not supporting the team, i´m supporting the HUMPHREY name(which has been around for a long time.)

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